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Radioactive substances give out. Ionizing radiation could affect either the the penetration power and the more.

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By Tojam - 01:05
Ionizing radiation (ionising radiation) is radiation that carries sufficient energy to detach . 2He. Alpha particles are a hugely ionizing form of particle radiation. When they result from radioactive alpha decay they have low penetration depth.
By Faegrel - 21:48
U.S. EPA Radiation Education Activities: Radiation Exposure. Page 27 of Activity 3: Penetrating Powers of Ionizing Radiation. Objectives. Students will.
By Vulkis - 15:02
Alpha is the least penetrating, while gamma is the most penetrating. Nonetheless​, all three are ionising radiation: they can knock electrons out.
By Gardall - 16:37
Ionizing radiation takes a few forms: Alpha, beta, and neutron particles, and Alpha particles are unable to penetrate the outer layer of dead skin cells, but are​.

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